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VacuShape V4 Infra

Modern vacuum device for targeted fat burning on problem areas. VacuShape is an aerobic treadmill combining motion, vacuum, overpressure and infrared radiation.

How does Vacushape work?

Are you familiar with the new VacuShape V4 Infra? This machine is another addition to the VacuShape family. It is a 3 in 1.

It offers three programs from which you can choose to make your workout as effective as possible.

VachuShape V4 Infra has a new program similar to lymphatic massage. Thanks to this, it can be used even by clients who could not exercise on it until now because of varicose veins.

  1. Underpressure: The most effective program of the VacuShape machine for reducing adipose tissue. The cabin is at a lower pressure than the room, which intensively circulates the lower areas where fat is stored the most, so that these fat stores can be burned more efficiently as energy in the working, blood-filled muscles.
  2. Overpressure: VacuShape V4 Infra creates gentle compression that supports the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, thereby acting as a prevention against varicose veins and reducing fatty tissue. In addition, this program has the function of an anti-gravity exercise – it can lighten you up and you don’t put as much stress on your joints while exercising.
  3. Infrared: Infrared radiation significantly shortens the warm-up part of the exercise and thus leads to a faster onset of fat reduction. This program can be combined with vacuum or overpressure.

Since the VacuShape V4 Infra has a touch-sensitive heart rate meter located on its handles, you can see for yourself whether your heart rate corresponds to relaxation, weight loss or just increasing your fitness according to your age.

How does the exercise work?

You don’t need to follow any diet before you start exercising, you just need to find the time 3 times a week.

Walking is the most natural form of exercise. The exercise is done by walking briskly on a treadmill for only 30 minutes while the problem areas are in a vacuum cabin. The purposefully controlled vacuum sucks blood into capillaries in the subcutaneous tissue, where it carries fat from the fat cells to the muscles, where the cells are burned and converted into energy.
Heart rate is monitored during the exercise to ensure that the entire exercise is done in an aerobic phase.

Positive effects of VacuShape

  • Activation of fat metabolism and lymphatic system
  • Smaller waist circumference after a few weeks
  • Smoother and softer skin
  • Strong blood supply to the skin
  • Supplying the skin with oxygen, vitamins and minerals
  • Long-term anti-cellulite effect

Vacuum chamber

The vacuum unit is controlled by software and requires no operator intervention while the client is inside the vacuum chamber. There is one service program and six exercise programs. These six exercise programs operate with different vacuum levels set to meet the requirements of the widest range of clients. Each program has a beginning and ending phase with a lower vacuum intensity. Three programs run at a constant under pressure and three programs vary the intensity during the exercise period. The operator always selects the optimal vacuum program for the client.


VacuShape is equipped with a robust treadmill with a powerful 3HP motor. The cushioned running surface makes walking very comfortable. The incline angle can be adjusted in the range of 015°, the speed in the range of 016 km/h (optimal 07 km/h) and the belt load capacity is 150 kg. The heart rate can be continuously monitored using palm sensors or a wireless chest sports tester, ensuring that the client performs aerobic exercises and achieves the best results during their stay in VacuShape, rewarding you with firm thighs and a nice butt. The Cross option uses a cross trainer for movement, however, the exercise in this machine is for a narrow group of people with good physical condition. Most of the population is out of the aerobic zone during exercise and the body draws energy mainly from sugar, which results in increased fitness, but fat stores remain unaffected. This type is ideal in combination with two or more treadmill machines.

Tips to boost results

  • Follow the therapy 3 times a week for 6 weeks (visible results after the 10th session)
  • Strictly observe the optimal heart rate (OTF), OFT = 0.65 x (220 – client’s age)
  • Eat carbohydrates before exercise (e.g. rice, pasta) and protein after exercise (e.g. meat, fish)
  • Follow a regular drinking regime
  • After exercise, it is not recommended to go to the sauna, solarium and not to do sports that put extreme stress on the leg muscles
  • You can use fat burner and anti-cellulite cream before exercising
  • We recommend a 10-minute warm-up before exercise

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