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Touch has a natural healing power. A properly performed massage relaxes and energizes a tired body. It brings relaxation and calm to excessive mental and physical stress. It has a beneficial effect on the overall condition of the body, relaxes the muscles and induces a pleasant mood.

Sports – reconditioning massage

It is performed before or after a sports performance. Before exercise it serves to stimulate the body and activate the muscles. After the sports performance it serves to flush out waste substances

strengthening the body's defences
elimination of fatigue
improving physical and mental fitness fatigue

Relaxation massage

Classical relaxation massage is a therapy that brings relaxation to the whole body. The aim is to relax your body and mind. Everything is interconnected – a calmed mind helps to relax tense muscles, which in turn will help to calm the mind more quickly, which will lead you only to pleasant thoughts and feelings. It is a massage that removes fatigue and strengthens the body’s regeneration. It removes flaccidity, stiffness, shortening and soreness of the muscles. In the massaged tissues, due to the widening of arteries and veins, the blood circulation is increased, thus improving the overall blood and lymphatic circulation and contributing to facilitate the drainage of metabolic products that have a negative effect on our body.

elimination of fatigue
strengthening of the organism
pain relief

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