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Zoi fitness centre is equipped with indestructible machines from the leading Czech manufacturer Grün Sport. They are robust and have great ergonomics. They adapt to you, not you to them.


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Cardio zone

To warm up and stretch your body before training, you can work out in our cardio zone. Thanks to aerobic training, you will kick-start your metabolism and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Here you will find modern treadmills with a charging port for your mobile phone, an elliptical and the new Vacushape V4 Infra for effective body fat burning.

Want to take your training up a level? Try the ACTIVE BELLY® pressure stimulation belt during your workout.


Exercise zone

For maximum and effective strengthening of all muscle parts, you will find 27 fitness stations here. Our fitness centre offers a pleasant environment and is equipped with quality Czech machines of the Grün Sport brand, which have excellent ergonomics and will adapt beautifully to your workout.

In ZOI fitness you will find a bar with complementary food and friendly staff who will always be available to you during your workout.

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Jste jen krok od získání exkluzivního Vánočního fitness balíčku.
Začněte nyní, nebo poukaz využijte až na začátku roku.
Počet balíčku je omezený, neváhejte!
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