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Vitality Centre Visiting Rules

Every visitor to the Zoi Centrum Vitality by paying a one-time admission fee, membership or using a voucher for free admission/membership agrees to abide by the visitor regulations and follow the instructions of the reception staff. The latter is entitled to ask to see your ID for registration on your first visit.

Children under the age of 15 are not allowed in the fitness centre without a parent. Children between the ages of fifteen and eighteen are allowed to enter the fitness centre only with the consent of their parents, who expressly and non-transferably bear full responsibility for any damage to their child’s health and the property of the operator caused by the child’s movements.

Use the lockers in the cloakrooms to store your personal belongings, and use the chip bracelet issued at reception to lock the lockers.

Wear clean sports clothing and sturdy shoes. The operator accepts no liability for damage to health or property caused by barefoot or flip-flops, i.e. without sturdy footwear. Take care of your personal hygiene, use deodorant.

Wear a towel and place it on all surfaces that come into contact with your body. Clean any surfaces that still get covered in sweat with disinfectant, it is freely available at the corner bar. A clean towel can be borrowed from reception for a fee according to the current price list. The towel is washed after each use.

Do not block machines or stations for longer than absolutely necessary, if someone asks you to, allow them to take turns at the station.

Clean up the weights and discs after the exercise, it is a sign of respect and consideration for the other members of the centre.

Please keep in mind that the center is located on the ground floor of an apartment building, handle the machines gently, do not bend the dumbbells and place them only in racks or on rubber squares when exercising with free weights, do not endanger the safety of others.

In the event of any damage to the machine, dumbbells or exercise equipment, it is the responsibility of everyone to report this fact to the reception.

It is necessary to leave the exercise area 10 minutes before the end of the operating hours in order to be able to shower and change in time during the operating hours. Failure to comply with the visiting rules may be grounds for termination of membership.

Smoking and the consumption of alcoholic beverages and narcotics are not allowed in the studio. In addition, members are prohibited from bringing prescription medications into the studios that do not serve the member’s personal and physician-prescribed need and/or other agents intended to enhance the member’s physical performance (e.g., anabolics). Similarly, a member is prohibited from offering, procuring, transferring, or otherwise making such drugs available to third parties in the studios, whether for compensation or not. If a member violates these conditions, i.e. if he knowingly and intentionally consumes prohibited substances in the studio or passes them on to third parties, the Centre may demand a contractual fine of CZK 50,000 for each case of violation, without having to prove any material damage or damage to the reputation of the Centre. The exercise of other rights arising from such a breach of terms, in particular the right to claim further damages and the right to withdraw from the contract, shall not be affected. No prior notice is required to exercise these rights.

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