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A medical discipline, a therapeutic procedure using various forms of energy (especially movement energy) to therapeutically influence pathological conditions. The aim is to analyze the movement system using specific diagnostic procedures and to choose the easiest way to influence the system’s disorders and lead to correction. It is therefore about addressing pain in joints, ligaments and muscles, difficulties caused by overloading, unilateral loading, sports or working environment. At ZOI Vitality, our priority is your health, so we strive to apply the principles of physiotherapy to the movement exercises in our gym so that the client feels the fitness gained in everyday life and feels better. If you have any questions, you can contact our experienced physiotherapist who will be happy to advise you on your questions and difficulties.

Movement therapy

is an hour spent with a physiotherapist in the gym, dealing with everything from adjusting individual body segments to changing the working environment so that the stress on the body is as low as possible. The goal is to identify the origin of the pain, eliminate the cause, adjust the physical activity to eliminate the pain and prevent overuse.

Classical physiotherapy

is a combination of reflex methods based on neurophysiological basis, balancing muscle imbalances with strengthening of flaccid and stretching of shortened muscles. It also uses soft tissue techniques (manual release of skin, subcutaneous tissue, fascia and muscles) and gentle non-impact mobilisations.

Sports and Reconditioning Massage

It is performed before or after a sports performance. Before exercise it serves to stimulate the body and activate the muscles. After the sports performance it serves to flush out waste substances.

    • For those who have neglected movement for a long time and are experiencing musculoskeletal pain from inactivity.
    • For employees who want to use physical activity to compensate for sedentary work (office jobs).
    • For patients who have suffered from orthopaedic, neurological or rheumatic diseases and want to work on improving their condition.
    • For top and recreational athletes.
    • For manual workers as compensation for overloaded musculoskeletal system.
    • For professions with excessive psychological stress.
    • For everyone who wants to take an active part in their health, well-being and overall body adjustment.

Who is a physiotherapist?

  • University-educated health professional with registration for independent practice without professional supervision
  • During his studies, the physiotherapist deals in detail with the neuromuscular system with overlap into all medical disciplines from orthopaedics to paediatrics
  • Therapy is based on a thorough kinesiological analysis and history at the first meeting to determine the cause of the difficulty.
  • The therapy itself is then a dynamic feedback process, where the physiotherapist tries to modify the client’s condition and prevent pathologies of the musculoskeletal system using various techniques.

What does it look like?


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