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Terms and Conditions

ZOI CENTRUM VITALITY (operator Amavalé s. r. o., ID No. 09983708, Kobrova 3354/5, Smíchov, 150 00 Prague, registered in C 345778/MSPH Municipal Court in Prague) (hereinafter referred to as “Centre”), issues these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as “Terms and Conditions” or “T&C”):

I. Introductory provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions are valid for the purchase of goods and services offered by the Centre and further define and specify the rights and obligations of the Centre and its customers.
  2. The Customer is obliged to familiarize himself with these Terms and Conditions and the Complaints Policy (as specified below), which are available on the Internet at https://rezervace.zoivitality.cz and at the same time at the reception of the Centre.

II. Sale of goods and services in the business premises of the Centre

  1. The current offer of the Centre’s services, including the prices for the given services, is available at the Centre’s business premises at Zoi Centrum Vitality, Kobrova 3354/5, 15000 Prague 5, and at the same time on the Internet at www.zoivitality.cz.
  2. The Centre may set specific conditions for the provision of individual services, in particular with regard to capacity, age composition of participants, form of payment, etc. The Customer will be informed of these additional conditions in a clear and comprehensible manner before purchasing the service. The Customer shall have the option to pay for goods and services by means of a Customer Card if the Customer has a Deposit (as specified below) in the Customer Account, at least in an amount corresponding to the value of the goods or services purchased. Other forms of payment for goods and services may also be used via the customer card, namely cash, credit card, GoPay payment gateway integrated in the booking system, employee benefit vouchers in paper or electronic form (e.g. Sodexo leisure vouchers and others), and benefit programmes (e.g. Multisport), the conditions for the use of these benefits are set by the Centre and published on the Centre’s premises and website. The customer is obliged to meet the conditions set by the Centre for the use of benefits (e.g. setting up a customer account, deposit to pay any cancellation fees, otherwise the purchase of goods or services through benefits is not possible. Goods and services can also be sold to the Customer without the use of a customer card or the establishment of a customer account, i.e. to a so-called anonymous account, in which case the services are provided at the basic price and it is possible to use only those methods of payment determined by the Centre.

III. Customer account, deposit, membership, season ticket

  1. The customer sets up a customer account/registration with the Centre. This can be done at the manned reception by filling in a registration form or by registering online. After the account has been set up, the Customer may deposit a minimum amount of CZK 400 into the Customer account (hereinafter referred to as “Deposit”). The Deposit is made by cash or credit card payment at the reception of the Centre, or through the payment gateway via the booking system on the Centre’s website or mobile application. Deposit can be used to pay for all goods and services offered by the Centre. The remaining unused amount in the customer’s account is always added to the newly deposited amount. The customer can access the status of his/her customer account via the web interface at https://rezervace.zoivitality.cz and the mobile application. The Customer can also check the current amount of the Deposit on the Customer Account at the Centre by presenting the relevant Customer Card or Key Card relating to the Account. The Centre automatically sends an information e-mail 14 days in advance about the expiry of the Deposit. The Customer is obliged to redeem the Deposit within 6 months from the moment the Deposit is made. After the expiry of the period according to the previous sentence, the Deposit will expire. The validity of the Deposit can be extended by depositing an additional amount of money, minimum CZK 400. It is not possible to exchange the purchased Deposit back into funds or refund it in any way, this also applies in the case of cancellation of the customer account. In exceptional cases, the Deposit may be refunded to the customer only in cashless form to the customer’s bank account within the stipulated time limit of fourteen days upon written request by the customer to info@zoivitality.cz with justification and proof of a serious reason. The Centre also allows the Customer to use his/her Customer Account to purchase memberships, i.e. time passes that allow the Customer to use the Centre’s services for a certain period of time under specific terms and conditions (e.g. annual and monthly fitness passes, any other passes listed in the price list on the website www.zoivitality.cz/cenik), and multi-entry passes. The customer has access to the status of his/her customer account, where he/she can check the validity of the membership or can also enquire at the Centre, upon presentation of the relevant customer card relating to the account. The Centre shall automatically send an information e-mail to the Customer’s e-mail address 14 days in advance of the expiry of the membership. 5. It is also possible to administer the contact details entered in the customer account via the web interface. If the Customer has any problems logging into his/her customer account or making a reservation, he/she shall immediately inform the Centre’s reception by phone or email info@zoivitality.cz. The Centre is unable to respond to requests for assistance sent via social networks.
    Time passes are valid according to the specifications in the price list at https://zoivitality.cz, also available at the reception of the Centre.
    All prices quoted in the centre in printed price lists, on product packaging, in the price list on the website, in the booking system and on mobile applications are inclusive of VAT. Information on the rates for individual services and goods can be found on the issued receipt, invoice or in the electronic order confirmation.
    Multi-entry passes are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

IV. Customer identifier

  1. The Customer Card or key fob is used as an identifier for the customer account. A customer card or key fob can only be assigned to a named account created at the reception of the centre or in advance via the web interface. A Customer Account may be accessed by the person named as the owner of the Customer Card and/or any person in possession of the card, provided that the cardholder requests that the card be converted to “portable” mode according to the Centre’s specific terms and conditions for each service (Student Memberships and Time Passes are strictly non-transferable). In case of loss/theft of the customer card, it is in the Customer’s interest to contact the Centre as soon as possible to block the card. The Centre shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the Customer due to the loss/theft of the customer card. The Customer card and key fob are refundable against the original amount of 150 CZK and must be returned undamaged, functional and unscratched.

V. Purchase of services by direct payment from the employer

  1. The Centre also allows customers to purchase services by direct payment for services provided by the employer on the basis of an invoice. The specific conditions for the use of the services shall be laid down by the Centre. The Customer will be informed of these additional conditions in a clear and understandable manner before purchasing the service.

VI. Reservations, substitute reservations

  1. The Customer may reserve the Centre’s activities (hereinafter referred to as “Reservation”) if the Customer has an account with the Centre. Reservations can be made in person at the reception of the Centre by presenting a customer card/key and/or via the web interface after logging into the customer account and/or by telephone (after verification of the Customer’s identification). If for any reason you are unable to attend the exercise, it is in your place and interest to cancel your booking. Cancellations can be made via the web interface up to a maximum of 6 hours before the start of the lesson, after which cancellations can only be made by telephone during the Centre’s opening hours at 604852343 or in person at the Centre’s reception (SMS or email are not accepted for cancellations). Bookings cancelled by phone 0-6 hours before the start of the session will be charged the full cancellation fee if your booking has blocked space for other customers. If a customer excuses their absence by phone between 0-6 hours before the start of the session and their booking has not yet blocked space for others, they will not be charged a cancellation fee. If the Customer makes no effort to cancel the booking, the cancellation fee will always be charged. 5. In the event of an incorrect booking and cancellation at times when a cancellation fee is charged, the Customer may submit a written request to info@zoivitality.cz to not be charged a cancellation fee, provided that the Customer has completed and duly paid for the service subject to the cancellation fee on that day at another time. The Centre assesses the validity of the Customer’s request individually. 6. Substitute Reservations – If a lesson is fully booked, the Customer may make a “Substitute Reservation”. By doing so, he/she is placed in the substitute queue and the moment a place becomes available, the system will automatically create a valid reservation for the Customer if the time until the start of the lesson is longer than the acceptance period set by the Customer. In this case, an information e-mail is sent. Tip. In the case of Alternate Reservations, the Customer is obliged to keep an eye on their email during the acceptance period they have set. If the Alternate Reservation becomes a valid reservation and the Customer does not cancel by one of the methods described above, the Customer will be charged a cancellation fee under the same conditions.

VII. Personal data protection

  1. When processing personal data, the Centre is governed not only by Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data, but we also adapt the handling of personal data to Regulation (EU) 2016/679, i.e. the General Data Protection Regulation, which has been in force since 25 May 2018 and is commonly known under the abbreviation GDPR. The data processing declaration is available in the “Privacy” section at https://www.zoivitality.cz/soukromi.

VIII. Final Provisions

  1. These Terms and Conditions of the Centre are effective as of 3 January 2022 and are available at the reception of the Centre and on the Centre’s website.
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