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Nutritional therapy

In this day and age of industrially processed foods, it’s very important to have good eating habits if you want to get the most out of your gym workout.

We do not do complex dietary changes at Zoi, we have to refer you to another nutritional therapist for this. We can make complex changes, but we don’t see the point. With complex changes, clients rarely follow the diet exactly, which does not lead to the desired results. In order to feel good about our work, we only offer partial dietary changes – you will write down everything you eat and drink for a minimum of two weeks, and we will design an adjustment to maintain the maximum amount of foods you normally eat. We’ll replace inappropriate foods with the nearest alternative, adjust the quantities and give it a like and purpose. Not everyone wants to munch on quinoa in the evenings, and even fewer people know how to actually cook it. You’ll love your new diet and find that eating healthy is more natural than you thought.


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If you are considering a complete change in your eating habits, we recommend you to use the boxed diet from our partners MMFood – a boxed diet for the demanding. They will be happy to help you with calorie calculations, and you can pick up fresh food at our gym.

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