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A sports rehabilitation device on which regular exercise can improve flexibility and mobility, posture and balance, endurance, power, and dynamic strength. Targeted exercises help patients quickly increase their range of motion.

How does HUBER 360® EVOLUTION work?

HUBER 360® EVOLUTION mobilises joints safely and quickly releases painful blockages. On-screen feedback helps patients properly strengthen muscles and better coordinate movements.

HUBER 360® EVOLUTION activates the superficial muscles and the deep stabilization system. Dynamic exercises adapted to the patients’ physical condition increase their endurance.

HUBER 360® EVOLUTION is suitable for all


HUBER 360® EVOLUTION reduces BMI and improves the cardiovascular system. The device also offers a new sports experience for natural, effective and fast body shaping.

It can be used by elite athletes, as it can be used to very precisely target training to specific muscle areas, or to engage skeletal and stabilization muscles, as well as by patients with various types of problems, from the physical type (post-traumatic conditions, post-surgical conditions), to neurological problems (Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, dementia), characterized by coordination problems.

Neuro Physical Training

Neuro Physical Training is a unique training that activates both physical and cognitive functions simultaneously. The exercise is effective, motivating and fun. This therapeutic device has integrated functional diagnostics with 7 reference tests and compiles each patient’s complete exercise results in PDF.

One 15-minute exercise engages between 80 and 100 muscle groups and fully replaces a gym workout.


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